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How to Document Complex Treatments?


The following elements provide an example of a high level overview of complex risk treatments. Each risk treatment in theTreatment Register might for example, require a single page outlining the following elements. That single page, might constitute an overview of a multi-million dollar, multi-year project.

  • Description: high level description of the treatment

  • Actions: three to seven steps required to implement

  • Achieved when: criteria or person which will determine completion

  • Risks Treated: list of risks or risk identifiers which are addressed by this treatment

  • Agreed by: persons or stakeholder groups consulted

  • Scope: types of risks, geography, groups, etc.

  • Schedule: timeframe for implementation cycle (e.g. annual review)

  • Resources: money, personnel, equipment required

  • Quality: standards or criteria for implementation

  • Lead Agent: person responsible

  • Implementation Parameters: references to documentation, processes (e.g.PRINCE2), etc.

  • Rationale and Application: links to other projects and rationale for choosing this treatment over others

  • Hierarchy of Controls: risk approach (engineering, administrative, etc. see: Hierarchy of Controls)

  • Bow-Tie: focus (likelihood or consequence management or both)

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