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Categorizing Assets for Risk Management

Resources and assets can be categorized and defined to suit the organization’s requirements.

Asset Groups

  • Employees & Contractors

  • Visitors

  • Brand & Reputation

  • Finances

  • Buildings & Equipment

  • Technology Asset


  • Intangible

  • Tangible

  • Operational

  • Utilities

  • Personnel

  • Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Critical infrastructure is a term used by governments to describe assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. Many organizations and nations have a critical infrastructure protection program.

The US National Infrastructure ProtectionPlan (NIPP) defines the following 16 critical infrastructure sectors:

  • Chemical

  • Commercial facilities

  • Communications

  • Critical manufacturing

  • Dams

  • Defence industrial base

  • Emergency services

  • Energy

  • Financial services

  • Food and agriculture

  • Government facilities


PIPER can be a helpful mnemonic for categorizing assets.

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