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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I just left this photo here because it is a stunning photo. I've been to Santorini and it really is this pretty. Touristy; naturally enough; but also stunningly beautiful. Worth a visit. But more about this website.

How the book came to be

You've probably already gathered that I'm involved with development of SECTARA (the world's best ever security risk assessment software - according to me). As Konrad was putting the finishing touches on it for a launch in October, he asked if I would like to produce a White Paper as a giveaway to encourage people to sign up.

I said "Sure, but I don't do white papers. Rarely read them, so I don't want to write one." I suggested a booklet on Security Risk Management. Well that 'booklet' is now over 300 pages and almost finished but it seemed like a lot to giveaway.

Konrad, ever the ideas man, suggested producing an excerpt. An 'Aide-Mémoire' or memory jogger. Just a few graphics and bullet points that could be given away as a PDF. 'Great idea I thought, and proceeded to produce a book that was almost 200 pages long and full of diagrams that couldn't be read if I made it small enough to fit into a pocket.

And before too long

The book is now available in a number of formats:

  • Download a PDF from SECTARA

  • Download or view the images and articles from this website

  • Kindle from most Amazon websites

  • Color paperback from most Amazon websites

Plus downloads and a discussion forum to give it an ongoing life of it's own.

Other formats

Would you like to see it in other formats? Let me know:

  • An IOS and Android app

  • Hardcover color version

  • Black and white paperback version

  • Apple or Kobo, etc e-book

No promises but I'll do my best.

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